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Implementation of this website and/or services provided by us indicates your acceptance of our disclaimer.

fivewaveprofit.com is the result of independent performance of the Five Wave Profit. Every attempt has been made to deliver veracious information.

All principle, theories, methods, graphics, Charts, Patterns & webzine etc. related to all equities, derivatives & Commodities trade considered in fivewaveprofit.com are only illustrations and should not be regarded as specific advice. There is no any method for trading or investing which has been devised, originated or prepared with foolproof guarantee to make profit or to get free from loss. All forecasting is based on Statistics and Nature’s law i.e., Elliott wave Principle derived from past performance of trading system or technique and those past performance has no guarantee of future investment success. Five Wave Profit Consulting, www.FiveWaveProfit.com and our other websites are not responsible for any losses made by traders. It is only the outlook of the market with reference to its previous performance. You are advised to take your position with your sense and judgment and do not follow us blindly.

The methods, systems, technique, graphs, article, photos, videos or any other content in whole or in part in any form cited in fivewaveprofit.com are all rights reserved. There is no permission of any addition, deletion, duplication, modification, reproduction and distribution of webzines.

Using the information/illustration provided by fivewaveprofit.com in any form (i.e. – SMS, email, messenger, phone calls, news letter, articles or posting for hyperlink embedded message) for making investment decision will be at their own risk. We have rights to change our service fee without any prior notice.

All the information’s provided by the Scientist, analyst or experts are believed to be authentic from very beginning but one should not forget that every investment is risk bearing and hence caution is the watch-word before making any trade or investment decision. The entire scientist associated with fivewaveprofit.com would not be liable or responsible for any legal action or financial losses made by the users. If you are unable to accept all the above responsibilities for yourself, then you should not follow the fivewaveprofit.com. IMPORTANT NOTE: Your money is very important. Always trade safely.

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